4 Survival Skills We Should All Learn
What can you do? If the zombie apocalypse were to happen, would you be able to survive? Movies and television have made the idea of the end of civilization more realistic and with what’s going on in the world these days, who can argue? The truth is that most of us know some basic survival skills without even realizing it. Do you know how to purify water? You can boil it, add chemicals to it, use the sun to purify it if you know what you’re doing and more. 

Speaking of water and survival skills, did you know that you can actually turn saltwater into fresh? There are stills you can use that will work with batteries, an actual fire, the heat of the day, direct sunlight and more. These stills work by using the heat to evaporate the fresh water that’s in the salt water and the fresh water then goes to the top of the drum and then filtered out for drinking. It’s an effective and proven method and technology has made it even easier to do it. 

Why Learn Survival Skills 

You may be wondering why you even have to learn these skills and it is a legitimate question. You’ve lasted this long without basic survival skills, so why learn them now? There are actually a couple of reasons that do not have anything to do with an apocalypse or anything like that. The first is with the labor and materials shortages, we’ve learned quickly that we need to be more self reliant. Along with that, it’s always good to know these skills so that you are not too reliant on technology or other people. 

Top Skills To Learn 

There are hundreds of things you can learn to be better prepared. Think of how many people are heading outdoors because of covid and the pandemic. RV’s are sold out, national parks are packed and people want to explore the outdoors after being stuck inside for so long. While this is a great adventure, it also puts you in an element you are not familiar with. Here are some skills that can benefit you as you travel or even at home: 

  • Bow hunting: You cannot underestimate the value of learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. Bow hunting is one of the most challenging and rewarding outdoor activities you can enjoy. Learning this skill is valuable not only for hunting, but you also will find it to be an enjoyable activity. 
  • Gardening: While you are not going to do much gardening at national parks, it is something that people are taking a special interest in. How many times have you gone to the store and wanted produce and they were either out or the quality wasn’t what you wanted? There are options to allow you to grow fruits and vegetables indoors, even in an apartment. If you have a yard, try putting up some tomato plants or pepper plants and see if you like the hobby. 
  • Knots: This is an important survival skill that has multiple benefits. When you learn knots you immediately know that you can apply them to fishing. However, the fact is that learning knots has tons of benefits, especially when you are spending time outdoors. What if you had to fix your tent, or set something up for you to sleep under or to secure your gear? Wouldn’t you like to have the confidence that the knot you use is secure? 
  • Basic medical care: The fact is that most Americans are unaware of basic medical care requirements and they are especially lost if they are not able to access a phone to look up the answers. What roots or leaves are good for bringing down a fever? What plant can help you heal a cut? While we recommend you speak with an expert before making new teas or eating plants you have access to, these are unique and valuable things to learn. 

Remember, you do not have to be an expert in these areas, but it’s good to have a basic knowledge of each and so much more. Imagine being able to build your own wooden deck on your home? That’s a skill that doesn’t come to use often, but when it does it saves you a lot of time and money. Things like that need to be learned more these days. 

How To Get Better 

If you really want to expand your survival skills there are a variety of things you can do. Consider taking some classes or volunteering at places that offer free training. There are also other resources you can tap into to learn and improve your skills. Consider these as you get started and remember to follow all recommendations when it comes to safety: 

  • Videos & blogs: This is a great place to start because you can see the instructions step by step and apply that knowledge yourself. It really depends on how you learn. If you can watch a video of someone bow hunting and understand the basics then that’s great. Others may need to be able to read the instructions so that they can follow them step by step. 
  • Forums: A great place to go for advice on gear, places near you to shop at and so forth are forums. This is where enthusiasts like you share their experiences and what they recommend to improve your skills. These are the people who are like you, they are learning a new option and are passionate about it. 
  • Practice: You are not going to get good at bow hunting, starting a fire with sticks, tying knots, gardening or anything else like that unless you are actually practicing. Take some time each day to work on it, even if it’s just researching. This will help you get more comfortable with the task and more efficient with it. 
  • Upgrade equipment: Once you start to get the hang of what you are doing, the next step is to upgrade your equipment and tools. For bow hunting, this may mean adding things like a stabilizer to improve your accuracy. This is where forums and videos will also be a big help as they can give you practical advice on the equipment you need. 

Whether it’s bow hunting, gardening or something else, start off small and don’t invest a lot of time or money into the hobby unless you take a real interest in it. Start with the basics and see if it’s something that you can stay interested in. Adding these skills to your recreational time is a great idea as well as they become hobbies instead of something you are just trying to learn for a use you may one day have. Being prepared is great, but have some fun with it.

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