Stabilizers can be made from various materials. Even so, the odds are good that when you go shopping for them, most of the ones you find will be made with carbon. It is as durable and rigid as you would want from the accessory. At the same time, it also enables the stabilizer to be thin, which diminishes wind resistance. Moreover, carbon stabilizers are much lighter than others, providing the most benefits with the least material.

Stokerized carbon stabilizers are excellent examples of this type. We recognize that the material of a stabilizer can have a significant impact on its performance. To provide the best results for our customers, we make our products with high modular carbon. This specific version of the material provides just the right amount of stiffness for your stabilizing needs. Once you stick it on your bow, you will feel the difference.

We put so much thought into the material we use because we are archery fanatics, too. Those who are truly dedicated to the sport understand the importance of this aspect. We do not take it for granted, and you can see it in every Stokerized carbon stabilizer. See for yourself and order one of our top-shelf products today.
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