1. Attach rest to the riser with bolt provided.

  2. To adjust the center shot, loosen windage bolt and adjust the rest left or right using the windage micro-adjust knob to desired location and tighten windage bolt.

  3. To adjust launcher arm height, loosen elevation bolt and adjust rest up or down using the elevation micro-adjust knob to desired location and tighten elevation bolt.

  4. To adjust spring tension, loosen allen screw on spring retainer and turn clockwise for more tension and counter clockwise for less tension. You want just enough tension to raise the launcher arm while fully supporting the arrow. This applies to the Right handed rest. *Reverse instructions for Left handed rest.

  5. Choose top or bottom limb to attach the limb driver cord in order to avoid interference with other accessories.

  6. Prepare limb surface by cleaning with denatured alcohol. Remove paper backing and adhere pad to clean limb surface.

  7. Tie limb driver cord around the limb over the pad using a half hitch knot.

  8. If the cord is attached to the top limb, run the cord through the top limb cord hole on the stopper. Bottom limb cord hole for the bottom limb. Keep tension on cord while pushing launcher arm down toward the shelf and tighten cord set screw to hold cord and rest in place. Tighten mounting bracket set screw.

  9. Draw bow back and make sure launcher blade rises as cord goes slack. Let bow down and make sure launcher blade lowers as cord is again pulled taught. Do this with an arrow on the string in case of misfire to prevent dry fire.

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