Edge Aluminum STASIS 15"


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The all NEW Edge Hunter line of stabilizers have been completely redesigned and expanded upon bringing affordability and function to an all new level. All Edge stabilizers are fully machined from 6061 aluminum. The unique and functionally superior exoskeleton design allows us to build all the Edge aluminum stabilizers within weights very comparable to our Carbon SL models. The super stiff and extremely light weight design combined with our patented technologies is sure to give you the Edge over your competition.  

The Stasis is the cleanest, lightest, and most effective single-stabilizing system on the market. The Stasis stabilizer will perfectly balance your bow while aiming, isolating all dynamic movement and suppressing shock upon the shot, which will increase your effectiveness at any range. The Stasis stabilizer system has no limitations in its versatility and adjustments, making it the last stabilizer you will ever need to buy regardless of what bow you want to use it on. All Stasis stabilizers feature our exclusive patented SS1 Bracket (US Pat. 9086,250) and patented All Axis Pivot (US Pat. 9,377,270).

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