One of the many advantages of using a compound bow is the ability to accessorize. More than most other types of bows, the body allows for the addition of various instruments. You do not even necessarily have to choose which ones you will use: the bow has plenty of space. These tools can significantly improve your performance as an archer, giving you a boost in everything from accuracy to vibration resistance.

Accessories are, by definition, unnecessary. You can certainly go out into the range or the field without any. With that said, compound bow accessories like sights, arrow rests, and grips are considered vital to many professionals. Far from being viewed as "cheating," their use is popular in the archery community. If we have the resources, why not use them? No one needs to if they do not want to, and anyone can if they do.

Here at Stokerized, we specialize in compound bow accessories. Most of our focus is on the stabilizer, a type of tool that assists archers in balancing the bow for a steadier shot. We also offer dampeners, weights, end caps, and other pieces of equipment that can come in handy. Explore the rest of our online store and see what our accessories can do for you.
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