Piano students must practice scales to improve their skills, but that does not mean they cannot learn to play their favorite songs as well. Similarly, bow and arrow games can break up the monotony of archery practice. Beginners of all ages, but especially children, may appreciate more entertaining methods of honing their talents:

- The standard form of practice is to launch projectiles at a circular board, but there are ways to play around with that form. One can tie balloons of different sizes to different areas of the board. For explosive effect and extra fun, one can fill the balloons with water and food coloring.
- Another fun idea is "splitting the arrow" — attaching a paper towel roll to the center. Participants can work on their aim with the added motivation of trying to cleave the roll.
- All bow and arrow games require adult supervision for younger players, but snuffing a candle also requires a fire extinguisher. A lit candle is place in front of the board (or anything that can catch arrows and is not flammable). Instead of firing at a specific target, the goal is to snuff the flame with a passing volley, all without knocking over the candle itself.

People can get creative with their bow and arrow games, but what they all have in common is the bow and arrow. You can find plenty of both, plus high-tech stabilizers and other great tools and accessories, at our online store.
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